MEET Mark McDermott 

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Mark McDermott has been involved in the arts his entire career. After graduating from Nazareth College in 1984 he founded his own business, Archigraphia.


Mark is a lifelong resident of East Rochester and a member of the East Rochester Housing Authority since 2011.  He is founder and Chairperson of the East Rochester Parks Committee since 2005.  Mark started a scrap metal recycle program for the East Rochester Parks Committee. He also designed the Rotary Garden fountain in Edmond Lyon Park. Mark has been a volunteer in Arts education for youth in East Rochester as well as throughout Monroe County.


When you run for office you obviously are asked why are you running.  My answer has always been: my desire is to help this community in any way I can. East Rochester has been a wonderful place for my family growing up here , and I am sure many other families could say the same. As with any other community we need to grow and to do so we must change. A part of a healthy change is the involvement of its residents , their opinions , feelings , and efforts . I feel in these times, more people want to have a bigger say in their community and I think East Rochester is one of those towns. One of my major reasons in starting the Parks Committee was to have residents come together and work on making our village and it’s parks look great . I think the future will hold many positive plans for little East Rochester.


In this coming November's elections, I would appreciate your vote for Village Trustee.  Asa a life long member of the East Rochester community, I believe in working hard to make our village a unique and great place to live, work and succeed. Please consider voting for me on November 2.


Community Involvement

  • Member, ER Housing Authority
  • Founder & Chair ER Parks Committee
  • Member, ER Tree Committee


  • Designer, Rotary Garden Fountain
  • Creator, sculpture honoring
    Police Officer Daryl Pierson

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