"We want to work for you. We need to create up-to-date community development plan, enhance livability for current residents as well as future residents, promote a more open and transparent village government , a top priority. With nearly a decade of community involvement and volunteer experience, we know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental roles and responsibilities, and get things done."
Diversity of Voices

Lafayette and Mark will promote an open and transparent government that engages all East Rochester residents.  Over the next 4 years we will expand the access for all residents to the Village Trustees by holding monthly neighborhood based forums and gatherings. We also will promote opportunities for residents to learn about zoning regulations, economic development policies, housing policies and comprehensive planning. The voice of all residents plays an important part in the future of East Rochester. 

Community Development

Lafayette and Mark will work to increase opportunities for the East Rochester community.  We will encourage the development of a comprehensive plan that guides development in the Village.  As part of this review we will advocate for changing zoning laws so that they are applied equitably and with the best interest of the Village.  East Rochester has an opportunity to support both business and residential development by creating an atmosphere that welcomes new businesses and secures safe and affordable housing for all residents.  We will work to identify and build partnerships with area businesses and non-profits to promote East Rochester as a community of choice for their employees.​

Enhancing Livability

As long time residents of East Rochester, Lafayette and Mark value the distinct nature of the community. The ability to walk throughout our community, engaging with the residents has been a hallmark of East Rochester.  Building on this tradition Lafayette and Markwill advocate for measures that continue to enhance the livability of the Village. We will advocate for increased support for community wellness programs, environmentally sustainable programs, reduction on the use of plastics and pesticides by the Village and promoting alternative energy sources.  Increasing support for these initiatives will allow East Rochester to attract new and retain current residents.

Equity and Inclusion

Lafayette and Mark are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in both policy and practice.  We believe that there should be equity in participation in local government, housing, and employment within the East Rochester community.  Lafayette and Mark as East Rochester Board of Trustees will develop and implement programs and initiatives to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices, workplace culture, and community engagement.